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The most successful businesses realize that the world we live in is diverse and must understand not only the industry in which it operates, but the demographic itself.  Backstage culture, or the "why people do what they do" is extremely important. Cultural understanding and appreciation can make or break a deal.  Effective inter-cultural communication is crucial when engaging in trans-global settings or striking a deal with teams who operate in different cultural paradigms. 

The consultants at Sirius Tax Group work with you to provide superior service in:
* Cultural Dimensions and Trans-Cultural Understanding
* Effectively Working with Global Teams
* Country Analyses
* International Entry Strategies 

Going Global? People. Language. Culture.

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Organizational Overview

Robust Business Solutions
With over 25 years of business strategy, consulting and startup advice, Sirius Tax Group specializes in small businesses and entrepreneurial startups.  Whether you wish to focus on doing business domestically or internationally, we will advise you on the best organizational structure for your business. Our full service firm offers incorporation services for S and C corporations, organization services for LLCs, consultation and tax advice & planning. We also facilitate foreign business registrations, change in organizational structure and entity dissolutions.  In the global marketplace, small businesses are competing with large businesses and multi-national corporations.  It's your competitive advantage that sets you apart from the rest.  Emerging industries and disruptive technologies from little known startups have changed the global landscape. Will you be able to compete?

* Strategy Development
* Strategic Planning
* Balanced Scorecard

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Our team will provide a high-level overview of your company to leverage your company's intellectual property and enter the market from a position of strength. Whether a sole proprietor, an alliance or joint venture or sub contractor seeking to expand market share, we will perform a drill down analysis of your organization across various business units, divisions and departments, especially in comparison to industry standards and local competitors. Offerings for your company also include:

* SWOT Analysis

* PEST/PESTLE Analysis
* Developing a Competitive Advantage



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