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   Sirius Solutions for Business, Taxes and Startups

We've all heard the stories about individuals and businesses who didn't pay their tax obligations, whether knowingly or unknowingly. Regardless of organizational structure, you must meet your tax and business obligations.  We are pleased to offer a complete suite of services, including the following:


*Federal, State and Unemployment Reporting

*Individual/Business Federal and State Tax Returns

*Annual Sales & Use Tax Return 

*State Personal Property Returns

*Year-End W-2s and 1099s

Are you planning to operate as a sole proprietor? Will you have a partner? Are you concerned about liability? Will you be doing business out of state? These are questions you need to ask ​yourself when thinking about launching a business and determining whether an LLC, Corporation or LP, for example, is best for you.

Servicing Your Business

Taking Care of Your Company's Needs Year Round, From A-Z.

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Federal, State and Local Forms & Licensure

Sirius Tax Group has always advocated compliance for business owners.  We'll help you acquire all of the EINs, or ITINs if necessary, for your company as well as advise you on the licensure and forms needed for your industry or field. For example, professional licensing, sales and use tax, annual property return for the state and occupancy licenses.

Determining Your Organizational Structure

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Sirius Tax Group is a full service firm that will take care of your company's needs year-round. Whether it's preparing and filing the paperwork to launch your business, assisting you in fulfilling your annual, quarterly or other tax obligations, we've got it covered. We love small businesses and entrepreneurial startups!


Plan for your tax before your business is off the ground.  We can advise you on what to expect before you open the doors to the public, so that you can plan properly. For self-employed individuals in particular, being cognizant of self-employment taxes as well as putting away money for the future is especially important. Also, looking down the road as business grows and taking on employees as well as changing the organizational structure.

You must also consider the field or industry in which you will operate, such as personal care, health and beauty, or food preparation, which not only require industry specific licensing, but leave one open to personal liability if not properly protected. It's crucial that you choose the structure of business with the most advantageous legal and tax consequences.

Startup & Launch Planning