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*Marketing Mix
*Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning
*Marketing Strategy
*Sales Forecasts and Financial Projections


You Need a Business Plan.


Business Plans

High Level Marketing Plans

Business Plans are a critical, comprehensive overview of your company, be it a focus on financial projections, company sales, or strategic planning. Often those going into business think they've thought of every contingency or aspect of going into business. Until they actually do a business plan and realize that indeed haven't.  Not to mention, to attract investors or get a loan, you will need one.

Our team possesses the education and background to provide you with the expertise necessary to deliver a critical, comprehensive deliverable which includes:
*Executive Summary
*Business Description, including Company, Vision, Intellectual Property, Target Market    
*Opportunity, Rationale, Market Value and Possible Growth
*Industry and Market Analysis
*Strategy Development
*Risk Analysis
*Financial Projections
*Exit Strategy

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Marketing plans offer a high level approach to competing in the global marketplace, whether you are a brick and mortar business or web-based entity, with your goals and objectives in mind. While a business plan provides an overview of a company in its entirety, a marketing plan focuses specifically on all of the components needed to attract a desired target market to actually making the sale and of course, customer retention.

Let the experts at Sirius Tax Group provide you with a deliverable encompassing:
*Executive Summary
*Product/Service Offerings
*Analysis of Company
*Analysis of Competitors
*SWOT and PEST Analyses

It's imperative that your particular industry or field be researched  before your venture is launched.  Domestic and global market conditions, emerging and/or disrupting technology, competition and many macro-environmental factors need to be considered.  

Sirius Tax Group can provide you with a comprehensive, analytical data and information in:
* Market Research Plan
* Feasibility Studies
* Business Plan Review
* Custom Deliverables

Market Research and Feasibility 

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